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We are a foremost Website Design Company in India, designing stunning, user-engaging, and SEO-friendly websites after acknowledging your ideas and then shaping it into the digital world.



All the reasons why you should invest in Website Design.


24*7 Online Presence

Having a website that is professionally designed ensures your consistent presence and gives visitors a good impression.


Better User Experience

Website with proper layout, fonts, color, easy navigation, and relevant information enhances user experience.


Responsive design

Crafting websites to provide an optimal viewing experience like easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices.


Gain Credibility

Designing a professional website and keeping it updated with trends builds trust with your visitors.


Better Conversion

A good web design with compelling website copy drives your prospects towards a specific call to action.


Improve Customer Service

Connect with your visitors instantly, solve their queries easily, and help them in real-time.

Empowering businesses with stunning websites

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Our Process for Website Design

We go through a dynamic process while working on your Website Design project.


Discovering Client's Need

We take a strategic approach to gathering the client’s or company’s requirements looking at long-term goals.



This stage is another important one on the ladder, here we create the site-map and make sure that the client has reviewed and approved them.



We design web pages to demonstrate near-precise color, font-sizes, and precise placement of all the navigation and content elements.



Once a website design is done, it can be reviewed and approved by the clients, so that we can move on to our next process.



A website design project is not completed without UI testing. So, usability testing is done to ensure the effectiveness of design based on the goals.



After we are done with review and testing, we will launch the website on the client’s server.


Support & Maintenance

The final step of website design is support & maintenance, which is important in keeping up with the trends, and success of a website.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Web Design.

A website is one of the most important pillars of your online presence and a medium of trust for the audience, which means website visitors trust your business by judging your website design and content. So, your website design should be attractive and user-engaging.

Cost of any website completely depends on what you need from the website design, i.e., number of pages, customization factor, technical components, etc. But you can rest assured as we deliver the best web design services, India.

At TECHSTROCK, we have worked with all sizes of businesses for web design services. We bring the same skills used to work with our large clients as well as with smaller ones. Further, we are eager to work with more small businesses and large companies across India.

With 7+ years of experience we have built 1000+ websites for clients across the globe. We have served most of the industries in India such as governmental, hotel, manufacturing, etc. We have the trust of 1000+ clients which makes us one of the best web design companies in India.

Yes! Our web design services India includes on-going support and maintenance services even after launching a website.

In our web design services we research about the business niche and then recommend a number of web pages. But mostly we recommend developing a few common pages such as home page, about us, contact us, service page.