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TECHSTROCK is a Web Design Company in Mumbai that builds user-engaging and attractive websites for 7+ years. We deliver a perfect web solution to clients which covers all their business needs.



All the reasons why you should invest in Web Design Services.


First Impression

An appealing website can create a great impact on the users and brand’s logo, slogan, benefits are imprinted on the users mind.


Build Trust

Websites which are user-engaging and beneficial for the users build trust among the visitors landing on the website.


Improved Ranking

A good web design helps your website to rank high in search engines by having the ability to incorporate SEO strategies on it.


Professional Website

Website having a perfect combination of colors, fonts, images on the website looks professional and can attract customers.


Getting More Leads

An attractive website design can retain visitors for a longer time and increase chances of converting website visitors into leads.


Save Money

A design made with top web design company Mumbai doesn't need regular upgradation and maintenance and helps you in saving money in the long run.

Empowering businesses with stunning websites

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Our Process for Web Design

We go through a dynamic process while working on your Web Design project.


Gathering Needs

First, our whole team understands the complete project from the client and plans a further process to meet the client's needs in the expected time.



After planning our experienced web designers start building the blueprint of the website which makes the further process easier.



In this step the actual development process begins. We develop the website in such a way that it can showcase the brand more effectively.



When the website is complete from our end, we show the website to the client and after getting a green signal from them we proceed further.



We test the website to detect the bugs, errors in the website and fix them if they are present before launching it.



When the website functions well in all tests then the website is launched. After launching the website it is ready for visitors' use.



At TECHSTROCK, we provide maintenance services even after the website goes live at an affordable price.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Web Design.

A website is one of the most important pillars of your online presence and a medium of trust for the audience, which means website visitors trust your business by judging your website design and content. So, your website design should be attractive and user-engaging.

In our web design services we research about the business niche and then recommend a number of web pages. But mostly we recommend developing a few common pages such as home page, about us, contact us, service page.

At TECHSTROCK, we have worked with all kinds and sizes of businesses for web design services. We bring the same skills used to work with our large clients as well as with smaller ones. Further, we are eager to work with more small businesses and large companies across India.

With 7+ years of experience we have built 1000+ websites for clients across the globe. We have served most of the industries in India such as governmental, hotel, manufacturing, etc. We have the trust of 1000+ clients which makes us one of the best web design companies in Mumbai.

Yes! Our web design services include on-going support and maintenance services even after launching a website.

Cost of any website completely depends on what you need from the website design, i.e., number of pages, customization factor, technical components, etc. But you can rest assured as we deliver the best web design services in Mumbai.