Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO includes all the elements that affect the search engines crawl, index, render, and rank websites. At TECHSTROCK, we consider every detail and accordingly optimize your website at its finest!


Why Technical SEO Services?

All reasons why Technical SEO Services are a great way to improve your ranking.


Website Optimization

Technical SEO ensures that your website is easy to navigate, free of any technical issues, and ready for SEO.


Ensures Security

Search engines and users prefer and trust websites that offer security and technical SEO makes it easier.


Fixing Crawl Errors

We use premium tools like Ahref, SEMrush to identify and fix the crawling issues of your website and make it ready for SEO.


Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, people use mobiles to search for anything, so it becomes necessary that we optimize the website for mobile and desktop both.


Fixing Broken Links

We identify and fix broken links and dead links which helps in improving technical SEO and user experience.


Improves SEO Ranking

Websites that have no technical errors, load quickly, rank well in search engine results pages, and perform better than a normal website.

Improve your website performance with our Technical SEO Services.

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Our Process for Technical SEO Services

We go through a dynamic process while working on your Technical SEO project.


Technical SEO Audit

Before starting any SEO project, we complete a detailed audit and identify the issues that are affecting your website performance.



An SSL certificate is important for building trust and security with visitors as it confirms that the information they provide is safe with you.


Navigation & Website Structure

We make website structure and navigation easy which helps Google and other search engines crawl 100% of your websites pages.


Breadcrumb Menus

It helps users and crawlers as a trail and guides back to the start of their journey on the website and helps in SEO too.


Image Optimization

It creates many advantages such as better user experience, faster page load time, and additional SEO ranking opportunities.


404 Pages

We optimize 404 pages to make sure that when a page is not found it returns a custom 404 page because, if not it can affect the SEO.


Website Speed

Google prefers websites that load faster. So, we optimize your website according to Google needs and help to achieve better SEO ranking.


Markup Schema

In technical SEO, markup schema is code added to your website to help search engines better understand the content of your website.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Technical SEO Services.

You may have the best website with the best content, but if your technical SEO is messed up then you are not going to rank well in search results. For crawling and indexing well on search engines, technical SEO is very important.

Technical SEO is not just crawling and indexing. For improving your website we take care of XML sitemaps, website architecture, URL structure, JavaScript files, page redirects, and many more technical factors.

Technical SEO refers to improving technical elements, which will eventually help in search engine rankings. It includes server connection, fast website speed, security, redirects, website architecture, and other technical aspects.

An SSL certificate enables websites to go to HTTPs from HTTP. It is a data file on the host’s origin server. An SSL certificate is needed to secure the website's data and prevent it from hackers, which helps in website ranking.

The key factors in technical SEO are XML sitemap, indexing and crawling, URL Structure, SSL certificate, Mobile-friendly interface, website speed, canonical Links, redirection, and many more.

Technical SEO deals with programming, web crawling, and indexing, whereas On-Page SEO mainly deals with changes done on web pages such as keyword selection, meta optimization, etc.