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Be Found By Your Locals with our Local SEO Services

Do you get enough calls for your local business? If No, get in touch with TECHSTROCK. We offer local SEO services to help businesses grow locally and attract more customers.


Why Local SEO Services?

All reasons why Local SEO Services are a great way to improve your ranking.


Reach your Local Audience

We use relevant keywords in local SEO to rank your business, which improves the chances of reaching your target audience.


Higher Conversion Rate

Local SEO helps in improving your conversion rates, brings in relevant traffic, and increases opportunity for sales.



The major advantage of Local SEO is that it is cheaper and easier than other marketing or advertising efforts.


Measurable Results

In local SEO, we collect important details about how keywords perform and how we can improve.


Stay Ahead of the Competition

Optimize your website for search results with Local SEO services and stay ahead of your competitors.


Continuous Business Growth

Local SEO efforts always bring in more traffic, sales, and marketing leads while improving search engine rankings.

Get found by locals with local SEO Services.

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Our Process for Local SEO Services

We go through a dynamic process while working on your Local SEO project.


Local SEO Audit

It focuses on the areas that we need to focus on and needs to be optimized to improve the local ranking.


Keyword Research

Local SEO keyword research is essential to get the most out of mobile and local searches.


Competitor Research

Competition in local SEO is fierce. So, it is important to understand the customer's market and competitors.


Planning & Strategy

After keyword and competitor research, we plan our strategy and implement it on your Google My Business Profile.


Google My Business SEO

In this process, we implement all on-page factors which help to target your local customers and local ranking.


NAP Analysis

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number and is crucial in local SEO for businesses wanting to rank well in the local search results.


Tracking & Reporting

We track the performance of keywords regularly and provide custom reports that can be easily understood by the clients.

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We offer Local SEO Services across multiple cities.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Local SEO Services.

Local SEO service is a great option for any business who possesses a physical location which can be visited by customers. Generally, Local SEO services are used by law firms, medical services, law firms, restaurants, and many more.

Local SEO is the process of optimizing local businesses like a store, restaurant, or clothing store, for ranking on local search queries performed by a local audience in a particular location. With local SEO services, you not only optimize your website but also optimize your Google My Business Profile.

Local SEO services results are dependent on the type of business and the number of listings being utilized. In many businesses you will see results within three to four weeks, while in others you may wait up to three or four months to see outstanding results.

Google My Business i.e. GMB is a free platform that Google provides for your local businesses. It allows you to display your company profile on Google, Google Maps, Google Search and other Google features.

Google My Business Profile helps to promote your business and provide crucial information to your target market in a particular geographic location at free of cost.

Having strong Google reviews, selecting correct business categories, relevant photos and videos on Google My Business Profile will improve chances of showing a business on Google Maps.